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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

Metal in Architecture – Striking Structures and Designs

Architects rely on metal fabrication and manufacturing to shape the inner structures of their designs. From the towering skyscrapers that define urban landscapes to the intricate details adorning historical structures, the influence of metalwork throughout Australian architecture is undeniable. 

In an era where architectural boundaries are constantly pushed, metals remain a versatile medium that bridges creativity and engineering prowess. In this blog we will look into the dynamic world of metal fabrication within architecture, uncovering the applications and potential that metals bring to the realm of architectural design and construction.

Practical Examples Of Metal Fabrication In Everyday Architecture:

Custom Staircases and Railings:

Crafted with precision, staircases and railings are a hallmark of metal’s versatility in architectural design. Crafted metal staircases and railings bring a personalised touch to homes, offices, and public spaces. These structures are tailored to specific architectural styles and preferences, offering both functional support and aesthetic charm.

Gates and Fences:

From grand entrance gates with intricate metalwork to sleek, modern fences, metals play a pivotal role in creating structures that seamlessly blend security with style. These can range from decorative designs for residential properties to more practical and secure styles for commercial spaces. Here you can see an example through our previous work. Acorn’s expert fabricators took a sentimental family photo and turned it into a beautiful piece of art that provides ample security for the home. 

Security Screens:

Seamlessly integrated into the architectural fabric this area of specialised mesh metalwork installed on doors and windows, will provide added security while maintaining airflow and visibility. 

Handrails and Balustrades:

Handrails and balustrades are often fabricated with metal and ensure safety on staircases, balconies, and elevated platforms. They come in various designs that can complement the building’s overall style.

Custom Signage and Branding:

In the world of business, metal lends its strength to branding and signage. Unique and attention-catching signs are crafted for enterprises. Metal letters, logos, and plaques can be designed to reflect the brand identity and make a lasting impact. Check out the gorgeous custom signage our metalworkers created for the Boba Bear storefront


Exterior Facades and Cladding:

The facade of a building is its visual voice and metal panels act as its medium of expression. Beyond architectural ornamentation, metal cladding forms a resilient shield, guarding structures from the elements while adding a contemporary touch to both commercial and residential domains like the decorative aluminium cladding we created for Humphrey Homes.

Exterior and Interior Lighting Fixtures:

Metal-crafted lighting fixtures become unique and engaging storytellers just like the light projection project in Russell Square Park. These fixtures can be utilised indoors and outdoors and can be customised to create a unique ambience.

Metal Furniture and Fixtures:

Artistic metalwork extends to crafting furniture and fixtures like benches, tables, shelving units, and display racks for both residential and commercial spaces. Whether it’s utility or security like the lock stations we recently created for commercial use, these metal fabrications are essential in architecture. 

Architectural Details:

Intricate metalwork can add structural and ornamental details to architecture, such as decorative louvres, door handles, ornate brackets, and unique vent covers.

Murdoch Entry

Metal Art:

Metal fabrication gives us beautiful trellises, sculptures, and ornamental elements to complement nature’s beauty. Just like the Darwin Playground Project, we completed features intricate perforated metal pathways, casting captivating patterns of light while serving as durable walkways. 

Another project, the Subiaco Strand Apartments, the Aurora artwork, stands as a dynamic fusion of metal elements, playing with light and shadow to create an ever-evolving visual experience. 

The Strand

Or check out Murdoch University’s intricate entrance passage, where colourful metalwork forms a vibrant tunnel, inviting students and visitors into a world of inspiration and learning. These projects collectively showcase metal’s transformative potential in the realm of outdoor artistry.

These examples showcase how metal fabrication is integrated into everyday architecture, adding functionality, aesthetics, and a personal touch to spaces that individuals and businesses inhabit. To learn more about the projects we have completed or what we can do for you contact one of our expert metalworkers today!

Google Rating
Based on 17 reviews