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Metal Spinning

High-Quality Metal Spinning Services for a Smooth, Sleek Finish

Acorn Metal has a dedicated, high-quality metal spinning machine that gives us the ability to form metal into a huge variety of specific shapes. Our machines are versatile and capable of bringing almost any idea to life. The final product will always be functional, aesthetically pleasing and perfectly finished to the outlined specifications.

During the metal spinning or spin forming process, a sheet of metal is rotated while forces are applied to a single side. Metal workpieces are clamped between shaped spinning mandrels and tailstocks on spinning machines and then turned by the drive. The workpiece and the mandrel are both rotated simultaneously, resulting in the rotating roller making contact with the outer face. As the metal is passed over the roller, the material gradually assumes the desired shape. Using this method, the desired shape can be formed with great precision, and most importantly, it does not damage the metal’s quality.

The metal spinning process is capable of producing almost any type of hollow body including objects with complex geometry and narrow tolerances. Metal products can also be spun using one piece of material to produce parts without seams or welds. Without seams, a part can withstand higher internal or external pressure exerted on it. The process also produces an excellent surface finish from both the heat-treated mandrels and the accuracy of the machine as opposed to conventional hand spinning.

Advantages of Metal Spinning

  • Utilises fewer materials so you save
  • Produces sleek, spun metal faster than other machines
  • Products are strong and reliable
  • Provides the ability to create complex shapes and finishings
  • With one clamping process, it is possible to perform multiple work steps at the same time, e.g. spinning and profiling, spinning and edge turning.
  • The finished product is a single-piece, seamless component

It is also popular to spin metal via CNC due to its low operating costs once setup is established. As opposed to conventional machine parts, the mandrel used in metal spinning can be simpler and cheaper to fabricate. Ours are made from steel and vary in diameters and thicknesses. Because they are inexpensive and long-lasting, we are able to use them more effectively, and thus you are able to enjoy lower prices as well.

If you are looking for spun aluminium or any other metal spinning services or you have an idea you are looking to bring to life the team at Acorn Metal can help! Contact us for prototype assistance or to take a design from paper to a complete, finished product. Call 08 9248 8888 and get your free quote today.