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Flues, Flue Chimneys and Other Flue Pipe Manufacturing

We Manufacture High-Quality Flues and Flue Chimney Products

At Acorn Metal Products we are dedicated to providing solutions to our customers of the highest standard. We specialise in flue manufacturing and can fabricate chimney flues, liners and piping with ease. We manufacture a wide range of domestic solid fuel and flue gas kits, elbows, bends, and t-pieces, including commercial & industrial flue components. We can create piping for a huge range of specific applications based on the areas sizing requirements and any other limitations.

Flues and Their Applications

A flue is essentially a duct or pipe that is built into a chimney to protect from heat and corrosion. It’s most commonly found around the fireplace, furnace, or water heater. While also offering protection the most basic function of this piping is to transport waste gases and exhaust safely out so that it can dissipate in the air. They are extremely effective for avoiding indoor air pollution.

The most obvious example of a flue is a chimney on an open fire. Air from the room and exhaust gases are carried up the chimney and away via convection. Even when heat is involved, the flue chimney allows for healthy ventilation. They also act as fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. These pipes are made from metal so that they can be fire resistant and to increase insulation, the pipe is usually encased by some sort of substance or a secondary chimney.

There are also closed flues which are often in things like water heaters and other enclosed systems. Water heaters and systems like them do not need open piping or chimneys like a fireplace does. The combusted gases make several passes through the boiler so that as much thermal energy as possible can be extracted from them.

Flue Manufacturing Considerations

When manufacturing a flue chimney the duct should be large enough to fit the capacity of your fire, water heating etc. system and smooth enough to allow for optimal airflow. It should also be properly lined to keep hot air and dangerous gases out of the house. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll need a flue chimney for it to work properly. If you’ve recently purchased a home, you should have your chimney inspected by a professional to ensure that the piping is in good operating order.

Acorn Metal Products can manufacture flues in a range of sizes and for different applications including draught regulators for optimal fuel consumption and appropriate functioning in gas and oil-fired water heaters, condensing boiler applications, draught regulators and fans. Draft regulators keep air flowing smoothly by counteracting the detrimental effects of wind, temperature, and barometric pressure variations.

Our flues are developed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards for system requirements. That simply means that our systems are created to a standard that completely complies with regulations, ensuring your safety. Our team of experienced professionals can guarantee that our flue piping will be manufactured and installed to the highest standard. For more challenging installations, we can prototype custom components to fit the application and provide installation guidance to ensure compliance with any relevant regulations. We can manufacture and provide flues for a huge range of commercial and industrial applications.