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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

Perth’s metal lock-forming specialists

Here at Acorn Metal Products, precision is the name of the game in every process that we provide. We consider ourselves the masters of fabrication in all aspects of the products and services that we provide. Our hi-tech metal lock-forming machines can produce precision lock-form profiles on a range of sheet metals from 0.42 to 1mm. 

If you are looking for accuracy that shows in the way your finished products fit together, you are definitely in the right place. We have invested extensively in the best equipment and a team of highly skilled operatives to ensure precision and accuracy run consistently throughout every production run.

The consistency of our lock-forming process highlights our ongoing commitment to continually produce the most outstanding results with the best available materials. Talk to one of our expert metal fabricators today about the benefits of our precision lock-forming processes with a view to ascertaining its suitability for your products.

Call the metal lock-forming specialists for the Perth area now on 08 9248 8888.