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Protecting the Gold Room with Industrial Louvres

Every project we complete at Acorn Metal Products is different from the last. With our extensive experience and highly qualified team, we can fabricate projects for almost any application. Using a combination of our services we were able to design, almost from scratch, louvres to protect the gold room at Telfer Gold Mine. The team at Clover Downs Contracting tasked us with the design to limit dust and vermin from reaching the gold room. The louvres also had to be strong enough to provide security to the room.

Designing Louvres from Scratch

Louvres are very popular for industrial applications. The term refers to the arrangement of blades or slats running horizontally parallel to each other. They are very useful for regulating airflow as well as light penetration. They also help to keep out dust and vermin as well as moisture. To design louvres for the Telfer Gold Mine we began by studying all the existing drawings of what was required, which were limited. We decided to design the louvres from scratch based on the information we had. We drew up plans and then we were set to start fabrication.

Creating the Slats

We fabricated sheet metal to be used for the louvres, making sure it was strong and durable for security as well as the prevention of pollutants entering. After we had the required sheet metal it was time to use our CNC machines to turret punch the required shape for the louvres. Our machines are highly precise as well as fast so we were able to efficiently create a series of slats of identical sizes to set up the louvres.

After utilising our CNC turret punch machines we moved on to the metal bending process. Parts of the slats needed to be bent at certain places so that they could be welded together to form the louvres that would protect the gold room. Our CNC metal bending machines are very powerful and are capable of bending small metal into complex shapes. Once the slats were bent accordingly it was time to weld the louvres together and finish the project.

The final step in the process was to weld all of the slats and create the louvres before installing them in the Telfer Gold Mine. We took all the slats that we had fabricated, turret punched and then bent into the correct shapes and welded them accordingly. The experienced team at Acorn Metal was able to do this quickly and proficiently allowing us to move onto installation very quickly.

Sending The Louvres Down the Production Line

Not every project is the same and with this particular one, we were leaving some of the final steps of fabrication for a third party company to complete. This posed a challenge as we had to ensure that the louvres we had created were going to be simple and easy enough to assemble so that the third party would be able to do it proficiently. We managed to create louvres that were reasonably easy to assemble and with the right instructions they were able to assemble the louvres with no trouble. The client Clover Downs Contracting and the team at Telfer Gold Mine were extremely happy with the end result. The louvres were successful at protecting the gold room.