Repetitive Sheet Metal Manufacturers

Sheet Metal Bending

Expert Metal Bending Services for a Huge Range of Applications

Whatever fabrication services or processes you need, we have the facilities and expertise to carry them out. We carry the latest in sheet metal bending technology and our expert team has a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of raw materials from mild steel and stainless to aluminium and zinc-based products.

Sheet metal bending refers to the process of shaping and forming metals using brake presses and other industrial machinery. Through the use of these machines, we can create accurate and precise bent metal in shapes that benefit a huge range of applications. From aluminium bending to metal sheet folding and intricate shape forming, we can do it all.

Talk to one of our sheet metal bending masters today about your specific requirements and they can advise you on the best cost-effective and efficient solutions for your needs. From one-off prototype items to full bent metal product manufacturing runs, we have the skills and expertise that you need to get your sheet metal bending completed on time and within budget.

CNC Sheet Metal Bending

Here at Acorn Metal Products, we have the expertise and technology to produce quality, precision, and accurate repetitive sheet metal manufacturing to meet our customers’ specifications. We have invested in the right machinery to provide the CNC bending solutions that our clients seek, at the value for money prices that they want to pay.

We can manufacture a range of items from large parts and components through to intricate components with critical tolerances. We have a large range of segmented tooling and a special range of gooseneck tooling for deep, narrow or complex bends. Our exact standards, skilled operators, and state-of-the-art equipment ensure consistent quality and product compatibility throughout the whole of your production run.

Whatever items you are considering, you should talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly sheet metal bending experts today concerning your specific requirements. We bend metal and fabricate both one-off prototypes or carry out full production runs for a diverse range of items. Our machines have the versatility that many others lack, enabling us to provide our clients with the results that they need both quickly and efficiently.



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