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What Is The Darwin Playground Project?

As West Australian metal fabrication experts the team here has been part of many interesting projects from all industries and walks of life. Every now and then we are lucky enough to be involved in a truly rewarding project where we can put our sheet punching expertise to great use, and one of those golden opportunities was the Darwin Playground Project where we transformed amazing artworks with our perforated metal detailing technology.

About the Playground Project 

We were engaged in this fun enterprise by Group West, a Perth based company, to create the structural steel elements for a playground. This wasn’t a request for standard steel panels, however, as work by local artists was to be incorporated into the structure of the playground. Our role was to transfer these inspiring artworks onto sheet metal and transform them into a perforated metal design. The goal was for the end pieces to be practical steel components, transfigured beautifully by our top of the line sheet punching equipment that allows the artwork to shine.

Darwin Playground Project

Creating designs from sheet punching

In order to create an accurate representation of the work by these local artists via perforated metal, we had to make use of our extremely detailed Image2Punch software. This innovative suite of software allows us to control digitally what pattern is created onto our perforated metal products, giving us an impressive 3D end result every time. We use this along with our sheet punching technology, such as the CNC turret punch, that enables us to create an almost unlimited amount of perforated metal designs with amazing precision.

Exciting Perforated Metal Projects 

In the case of the Darwin Playground Project, we provided design and turret punching services for this rewarding enterprise. In other cases we have utilised our perforated metal design and sheet punching services in completely different ways, depending on the case requirements. Between our years of experience and extensive range of machinery, we’re ready and willing to tackle any exciting perforated metal projects. This venture proved our ability to work with challenging aspects such as logistical complications, as we are based in Perth, along with the fabricator, but the architect is in Sydney, the engineering arm is in Brisbane, and the project itself is in Darwin. Not only did we make it work, along with giving extra attention to the adaption of the artwork to perforated metal format, we helped it to blossom, and the client is very happy with our contribution so far. We cannot wait to see the finished playground!

What Acorn Metals Can Achieve For You 

The Darwin Playground Project is just one of many exciting creative projects we have been a part of, and we love a new challenge. Whether you need detailed perforated metal to represent your designs, or other forms of sheet punching, the experienced team here at Acorn Metals is here to help. For more information on our Image2Punch software for accurate perforated metal pieces contact us today on 08 9248 8888 and arrange a free quote.