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What Are Component Housings?

When designing and building any new custom electrical product, the focus tends to be on the often complicated inner workings. A key element that’s sometimes overlooked is the safe storage and ongoing protection of these intricate feats of electrical engineering. This is where the experts at Acorn Metal steps; with incredible facilities allowing us to manufacture perforated metal designs of all shapes and sizes, we’re able to create custom perforated metal sheets and screens to securely house any unique electrical product. 

What are component housings?

Housings for electrical components are a required element to keep these products safely covered. Without housing, these vital electrical products are open to the elements and at risk of damage, be it accidental or deliberate. Each electrical component is a different shape and design, and therefore needs its own specifically designed housing. Component housing is essentially a protective shell, and each one is a key structural element for the continued safe and efficient operation of the electrical components within. Top-quality perforated metal, like the perforated steel designs we make here at Acorn Metal, are perfect for long-lasting component housings. 

Protect your valuable equipment

High-functioning component housings should fulfil a number of vital duties, with the overall aim being the protection of your electrical products. As well as providing a cover from the dust, dirt, and the elements, it should also protect them from locational stresses such as chemical, thermal, and even radiational damage. Many of our clients have expensive electrical products stored in extreme climates or dangerous locations, such as within mines, so their component housing needs to be secure as well as easy to handle. Many of the perforated steel housings we create also act as a key system for internal electrical attachments, and some act as the body for the product and not just an exterior shell.

Custom perforated metal sheet 

A key part of our role as experts in sheet metal production is our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each customer, and this focus on designing the perfect custom fit extends to our component housings. We will work closely with you, from the initial design stages right through to production, ensuring each component has its housing created through the best-perforated metal manufacturing method. This adaptability makes us the perfect partner for those creating complex industrial mining electric products, as we have a wealth of experience working with mining and construction companies and understand the types of products and outcomes required. 

Trust the experts at Acorn Metal

Perforated metal sheet product production is our bread and butter here at Acorn Metal, and we have recently expanded our premises even further to allow us space for larger machinery and more intensive projects. We pride ourselves on creating intricate custom perforated steel designs and completing unique sheet punching products for our customers, and love to tackle tricky requests. We focus on quality products designed to withstand the tough Australian elements and aim to always deliver on time in a cost-effective manner. For queries or quotes about our perforated metal sheets and screens for component housings get in touch today on 08 9248 8888.