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Trends in the sheet metal and fabrication industry

Thanks to the constant technological advances the tools of the industry have become more advanced and effortless than ever, meaning it has never been easier to satisfy each customer’s demand. Gone are the days of solely manual processes, and welcome to the world of 3D design. But in order to keep on top of what the future actually holds for metal fabrication processes, and the customers involved, it’s important to keep up-to-date with current trends within the industry.

The ever-decreasing circle of steel recycling

Almost all metal products produced today contain recycled metals, given that metal is one of earths’ unique materials that can be reused again and again without losing strength or quality. However because the current demand for metal, in particular steel, is so high the amount of recycled materials cannot keep up. This means that even though steel is made from around 50-60% of recycled metal when it could be made from 100% recycled material. Given the demand does not appear to be slowing this circle of recycling is closing, but probably only for the time being.

Improvement for Greater Efficiency

A big hurdle for many within the sheet metal binding industry is the lack of skilled workers. Without a solid education system available, many companies are taking training in-house to help guarantee that they will have the qualified hiring pool necessary to keep expanding their businesses. While this does not seem to be a cost-effective measure from the outside, it results in greater efficiency and a higher standard of workmanship. This now includes technology training, as workers skilled in computers are essential to the current manufacturing processes.

Trends That Will Transform Sheet Metal Industry

While 3D printing is already an important part of many sheet metal fabricators business operations, this trend is likely to continue to become integral as the technology involved continues to grow. An offshoot will be the need to train and hire 3D experts to work with clients, and operate the newest 3D technology as it continues to evolve.

Technology Growth

With computers already an integral part of most of the modern world, the sheet metal industry has had to react in kind. With computers (and smartphones) vital to most operations, the increased demand for metal fabrication to keep making, building, and designing more advanced products for technology, scientific equipment, and even robot production will continue to grow.

Acorn Metal Products

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