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Metal Bending and Turret Punching

CNC Precision

Here at Acorn Metals, we’re experts at CNC bending. We produce high-quality fabricated metal components that are equipped for the production of numerous metal manufacturing products, and CNC bending is one of our biggest services. It’s used for cabinets, control boxes, enclosures, vending machines, tool drawers, lockers, door panels, doors, shelves, furniture, floor, ceiling systems and much more, but what exactly is it?

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending is a process during manufacturing that uses CNC press brakes. A computer program is customized for an object and machines are programmed with CNC machining language that has the ability to control features including the feed rate, coordination, location and speeds. These machines have the ability to bend sheet metal from smaller works of a few millimetres to metalwork of large sizes. 

The CNC machines are incredibly precise and can bend metal of all kinds of lengths and widths. The machinery can control the exact positioning and velocity to shape metal. The press brakes have a fixed bottom bed with a block tool clamp in place and a top beam that is forced down with a V blade. This is known as down forming. The other process of CNC is an up forming machine where the bottom bend moves and the top beam is fixed. These processes produce sheet metal components.

The CNC process is suitable for processing malleable metals and great for sheet metal designs that consist of one or more bends. It is often used for brackets, enclosures, cams, chassis and more. The CNC bending effectively shapes sheet metal using a bending tool during a linear or rotating movement. Our machines are developed for high flexibility and low setup times, making the process economical and convenient. Bending tools on CNC machines can be constructed to adjust the bending ankle by stroke measurement or angle measurement. They produce a high accuracy result from the first piece.

Our CNC machines allow precise and fast angle measuring throughout the bending process, producing accuracy in your product. The design of our machines ensures the highest level of accuracy. CNC panel bending maintains tight forming tolerances and achieves strength.

Turret punching via CNC is used for metal forming and punching. Manufacturing with a turret punch allows you to form your sheet metal by punching, nibbling, embossing, piercing, slotting, recessing, louvring, extruding or coining. A variety of sheet metal components can be processed using turret punching with a thickness ranging from .5mm up to 5mm. It allows a variation of metals to be punched in 2D shapes.

The precision of the CNC machine makes it an incredibly valuable tool and an important one for metalworkers. The CNC process provides a short and inexpensive way of forming products that require a change in their shape with precise accuracy. Contact Acorn Metals today for accurately bent metal!