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Industrial Louvres, What They Do And How They Operate

When it comes to the clean functioning of any industrial product, protection from the elements is key. Parallel to that, however, the surrounding environment of these products tend to require airflow and sometimes light to guarantee healthy ongoing operation. The solution to this is industrial louvres, often custom-built with perforated metal to suit the prime conditions required. Through exacting sheet punching production, here at Acorn Metal we have the machinery and experience to design and build the perfect industrial louvre to fit your specific requirements. 

What are industrial louvres?

A louvre is a product designed to regulate airflow or to allow controlled access of light, while keeping out unwanted elements such as water or pollution. In industrial sectors, a louvre is a key element of maintaining a controlled atmosphere to ensure the safety and correct environment for a wide variety of products. Industrial louvres are often built from top quality metal such as steel, and usually are made up of a series of slates or perforated metal sheets that act as a vent. Designing the right product, and working with the correct perforated steel manufacturers, is important to meet the performance needs required. 

Perforated metal louvres

Louvres operate by allowing critical airflow into a space, while preventing negative elements from getting in. A custom industrial louvre built from perforated metal sheets is often required to create the exact setting needed for unique environments. Here at Acorn Metal we have extensive experience working with clients from a range of industries, and will work with you to design the best-perforated steel product for you. For example, we designed and built louvres for the Telfer gold mine that was specifically for the room where the gold is mined; a highly specific industrial louvre was needed to ensure perfect conditions for mining this highly valuable material.

Custom sheet punching designs

Industrial louvres are usually created using perforated steel or other metals, and here at Acron Metal, we thrive off producing perforated metal sheets and screens of all shapes and sizes. Each of our industrial clients comes to use with a custom requirement that we create to exacting standards using our top of the line steel manufacturing machines, housed in our expansive premises in Perth. Depending on the requirements of your project we will select the best material to create your industrial louvres, be it carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Our team of sheet punching experts has extensive experience across a wide range of industries to advise and work with you to create the perfect perforated metal louvre for your needs. 

Guaranteed success with Acorn Metal

With a manufacturing premise full of heavy-weight machinery designed to create custom designs with exacting details and clean finishes, we here at Acorn Metal are ready to tackle any unique project that comes our way. The satisfaction of our Telfer gold mine client showcases our abilities to operate to the highest industry standard, and proves our focus when it comes to complex perforated metal sheet creation. For more information on the wide range of industrial louvres we can build, or for a free quote for your project, get in touch today at 08 9248 8888.