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Decorative Light Fitting for Perth Airport

At Acorn Metal Products we provide bespoke, custom designs for a range of applications. We can take a project from an idea to a completed product and prototype almost any design. We will then use a combined range of our services to create a unique, high-quality piece with expert finishes. Recently, we designed a bespoke light fitting to take an existing luminary in Perth Airport. The end result was something the client was very happy with.

Prototyping the Light Fitting

To create the custom light fighting we began by prototyping and coming up with a design. We have access to a range of specialist equipment that we used to bring EGE Lighting’s ideas to life. We were able to manufacture accurate parts for the fitting. The light fitting was produced with EGE Lighting’s CAD data and each part was monitored along the way to ensure specifications were completely accurate.

Perfect Perforation

The next part of the process was to perforate all the parts of the light fittings that had been manufactured. To do this we used our CNC Turret Punching machines. The machines facilitate high speed, extremely accurate repetitive metal punching for precise applications. EGE Lighting provided their specific requirements and we were able to design and create to the highest possible standard. We also made sure to do this in a cost-effective way so that EGE Lighting and Perth Airport get more value for money.

Bending and Surface Finishing

Our CNC Machines were also used to bend the manufactured and perforated pieces into the perfect shapes. Our special range of gooseneck tooling allows us to perform complex bends on narrow metal. Our skilled operators were able to use these machines to create high-quality pieces ready to be put together and surface finished.

Once we had manufactured, perforated and bent the light fittings into the desired shape it was time to apply a finish and install the light fittings at Perth Airport. Throughout every step of the process, the talented team at Acorn Metal has meticulous attention to detail. We are committed to achieving perfect results for our clients. Our powder coating was applied to the surface of the light fitting and melted. Once dried it hardened into an aesthetically appealing protective coating.

Efficient Installation

Installing the completed light fittings at Perth Airport turned out to be the biggest challenge of the project. To get the piece fitted safely we had to account for its weight and the strength of the surrounding structures that would have supported it. It turned out that the existing support pylons would need some extra suspension to safely support the light fittings. We then created and installed a hidden suspension system that was incorporated into the fittings surrounding the existing pylons. This was enough to support the light fittings and both EGE Lighting and the team at Perth Airport were extremely happy with the end result.