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Flue manufacturing by the experts in Perth

Here at Acorn Metal in Perth we are experts at aluminium bending; our extensive range of machinery allows us to create elements of all shapes, from thicknesses of 0.4mm to 6mm. With CNC press brakes and high quality tooling, we are able to create bends in intricate places with consistency for all of our flue manufacturing. By investing in the right machinery, we have the ability to meet each customer’s specific needs with a high quality finish guaranteed.

Aluminum Manufacturing & Bending

Depending on your requirements, our expert team can apply various methods of flue manufacturing to create high quality products that perfectly fit your needs. Aluminium fabrication can involve different means of forming, depending on the width, length, and type of bends required.

Roll Forming

A highly consistent method of aluminium bending, roll forming is a continuous bending method where a long piece of metal is passed through multiple sets of rolls, with each set creating only a small section of the bend. It is ideal for creating large quantities of products, or parts with long lengths.

Flow Forming

Used to create specific shapes with precise geometries, flow forming is an accumulative process where metal is formed over a shaft, or cylindrical rod, using multiple rollers applying immense pressure.This process strengthens the material, making it a reliable means for manufacturing products that will receive a lot of pressure. By utilising high-quality equipment we at Acorn Metal can guarantee high production speeds and excellent flow forming processes.

Stretch Forming

In order to form large, contoured metal parts, stretch forming is the means used during the aluminium manufacturing. By simultaneously bending and stretching the metal on a stretch press, held in place by secure jaws, it creates complex shapes over the stretch form block, or form die. Stretch forming allows for better shape control and surface quality than other processes.

There are a wide range of typical applications for aluminium bending, many of which are very important to the WA community such as the automotive industry; the many trucks, road trains, buses, and caravans that allow transport of goods and people across our large state. Other important areas include construction and architectural, medical and scientific, rail and aerospace, and marine industries. Regardless of the end use of our products created by aluminium bending, our expert team of highly trained metal workers guarantee an improved finish by using radius bars and polyurethane bending blocks.

Acorn Metal Products

Whether you need intricate aluminium bends, complex flue manufacturing, or large scale, durable aluminium fabrication in Perth, we at Acorn Metal have you covered. Our highly trained team is on hand to provide whichever metal forming application suits your requirements, using their expertise on how to handle all types of metals. Our combined knowledge means we have created a distinct and diverse range of metal products, from custom designs to large production runs. Speak to one of our friendly CNC bending experts today to find out how we can help fill your specific requirements. To find out more about the metal products and services we supply, read about it here!