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Flue manufacturing by the experts in Perth

With our business roots firmly established in the fabrication of a diverse range of flues, you can be confident that when it comes to flue manufacturing, you are dealing with the industry experts. Our fabrication engineers take a huge amount of pride in providing the most outstanding results in terms of both the quality and finish of the product. We can manufacture a range of flues to standard or custom specifications to suit our clients’ needs.

Quality flue manufacturing

We manufacture a wide range of domestic solid fuel and gas flue kits, elbows, bends, and T-pieces, including large diameter commercial and industrial flue components. Everything is made from top-quality components designed with the Australian climate in mind, and our specifications are consistent throughout.

Custom-made flue manufacturing

If you need flues or flue components, you need to contact one of our helpful and friendly metal fabrication experts with your requirements. Our expert fabricators can provide custom-made products of all types to your own specifications, so contact them right now, because we are the experts in one off custom fabrications of all kinds

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