Repetitive Sheet Metal Manufacturers

Prototyping and Custom Metal Work

We Prototype and Custom Fabricate Metal to Bring Any Idea to Life

Combine our advanced equipment with the broad knowledge and skills of our fabricating team and you get unlimited possibilities for prototyping and custom metalwork. With quality assurance checks along each step of the way, your detailed plans will become a product of the highest standard. We understand the unique needs of each customer and look forward to creating all your custom metalwork needs.

Aluminium in Comparison with Other Metals

Both lightweight and durable, aluminium is a versatile material that really has it all. When compared to steel, which is a lot denser, it stands out as suitable for many applications that require a lighter, more flexible metal. As a corrosion-resistant metal, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, and aluminium is also an extremely cost-effective material thanks to its lightness and long life span.

Examples of Custom Metalwork

Our custom metal fabrication specialists have access to a range of sophisticated equipment ready to bring your ideas to life, making the possibilities endless. We have worked on a variety of bespoke custom metalwork projects for customers like; screens for indoor and outdoor applications, unique fire pits for personal use, both large and small vents and filters for building projects, and all types of baffles. Custom metalwork has an important part to play in the vital industrial sectors of WA, and we have the skills to create parts for agricultural and mining equipment, no matter the detail or scale required.


Do you have an idea that needs to be brought to life or materials that need testing? Our team is ready to bring their wealth of experience to your project, and use our prototype and manufacturing facilities to create accurate parts, fast. Produced from your CAD data, each part is completed with your full control and our inspection processes happen at each step of the way to ensure your specifications are met exactly. Our engineers are prepared to produce complex parts with a quality finish in a short amount of time.

Custom Metal Work Considerations

Effects of Shapes of Perforation on Privacy/Visibility.

A metal sheet with more perforations of a larger nature will lend itself better to space where an open look and airy feel is needed. We see this with screens used to loosely divide up a public space, or an open office. When privacy is required, small perforations created closer together allow for an effective visual screen. We can offer a range of designs that will ensure limited visibility but still allow light through in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Effects of Shapes of Perforation on Sounds/Acoustics.

The shape and size of perforations are also important in how it impacts the acoustics in a space. Depending on the design of the perforated sheet metal it can help to absorb or reflect sound, as well as scatter or cut out certain frequencies. Each unique design offered by us here at Acorn Metal can be created to help with noise control depending on the requirement, from large stadiums to small offices.

Here at Acorn Metal we love a challenge and are ready to work with you from the design stages, right through to the finishing touches to ensure your custom metal design needs are met to the highest standards. Our range of experience means we are confident in tackling any project in record time at highly competitive prices. Want to find out more about our custom metalwork and prototyping experience and facilities? Contact us today to speak to a prototyping and custom metal work specialist about how we can help make your design come to life.