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Why Solid Fuel Water Heaters Are Perfect For Living Off The Grid

For many people today the rural way of life is the only way, moving from cities out to the country for fresh air, less pollution, and better quality of life. A key part of living off the grid is keeping overheads low and developing a self-sufficient lifestyle. What if you could keep your electricity bills low while using up all that free (or cheap) firewood around? Consider a Uniheat solid fuel water heater with a quality chimney flue from Perth, which provides an incredible amount of warmth while also heating water for an entire house – perfect for anyone in an isolated area. Return to the old ways by investing in an innovative, modern product!

What are solid fuel heaters?

Solid fuels are those traditional materials used to build a fire; wood, coal, and peat. A heater that burns these physical materials is known as a solid fuel heater, and the results can be great warmth for long periods of time when the right stainless steel flue kit is used. Solid fuels tend to be readily available, and using them to heat a home can save you a lot of money when compared to electric or gas heaters. One thing to remember however is that fossil fuels, like coal, are non-sustainable and burning them is bad for the environment. Wood, on the other hand, is safe and easily accessible. 

Benefits of a water heater

Modern solid fuel heaters like Uniheat are incredibly fuel efficient, and much cleaner and safer than their predecessors. The main benefit is the cost-saving element that incorporating a solid fuel heater into your home will bring; once it’s up and running you have complete control over the amount of fuel you use. With smart heat distribution you’ll be amazed at how much warmth will radiate throughout your home while also heating water. Use wood to avoid burning fossil fuels, and work with respected flue manufacturers to ensure safe and easy maintenance. 

The importance of a quality Perth chimney flue

Installing a Uniheat solid fuel water heater, provided by the experts here at Acorn Metal, can be a life-changing decision. However, in order for this investment to be efficient, you need a top-quality Perth chimney flue to ensure correct insulation and safe management of material offsets. We provide the best stainless steel flue kits in Perth that allow for easy access for cleaning and guaranteeing a long-lasting product through top quality materials and smart design. Older wood heaters tend to be inefficient and create pollution, but by choosing the right size modern heater with professional installation, you can massively reduce bills while living off the grid. 

High-calibre heaters from Acorn Metal

Whether you live on a farm, have a rural holiday home, or spend your time in isolated areas, a high-functioning solid fuel water heater with a quality stainless steel flue kit would be perfect for your needs. Here at Acorn Metal, we have a wealth of industry knowledge, and our impressive facilities allow us to produce top-quality Perth chimney flues to accompany Uniheat solid fuel water heaters. For more information on our flue manufacturing or our stainless steel flue kits, contact us today on 08 9248 8888 and arrange a free quote.