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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

Turning Drawings and Designs into Reality

All good products, inventions and machinery begin with dreams, visions and drawings. From the latest innovative tech through to big infrastructure developments, it all begins with a concept. When it comes time to start work on bringing your drawings and designs to reality, you need professionals with the means, know-how and experience to make it happen.

That’s where custom metal fabrication comes in. Specialising in transforming designs and concepts into components, parts and objects, steel fabricators create custom pieces to suit a wide range of applications. From testing prototypes through to mass production for manufacturing, learn more about how drawings and designs become metal components ingrained in our everyday lives.

Creating a Prototype

Once you’ve come up with a concept, drawing or design, bring your content to an experienced metal fabricator to start brainstorming, workshopping and creating. Bringing technical knowledge and expertise, a good metal fabricator will be able to help you refine your drawings to create a design feasible and ready for production.

Using exact specifications and techniques that stay true to your concept, a custom metal fabrication team will help you bring your vision to life in a preliminary prototype. From there, you can assess, test and evaluate your prototype and see if it fits your vision and requirements.

One-Off Metal Works

In need of a one-off metal piece for presentation, testing or application? Work with an experienced metal fabricator to craft your custom piece. Using specialised equipment, techniques and tools, custom metal fabricators craft bespoke pieces of metal for clients across industries. Whatever the application, bring your drawings and designs to a metal fabricator and see your vision brought to life.

Moving into Mass Production

Has your one-off custom piece or prototype taken off? If you’re ready to get started on mass production or more fabrication for further testing, it’s time negotiate a contract with a metal fabrication company. Research teams in your area to gain a deeper understanding of their service offerings, then decide on the most suited based on skill and experience.

A metal fabrication team with high quality equipment and skilled personnel will allow you to achieve high quality and consistent pieces in line with your prototype. By choosing the team that created your initial piece, you can be confident that they’ll be able to produce results up to the standard you require.

Work with Perth’s Specialised Steel Fabricators

At Acorn Metal, we pride ourselves on creating high quality components, prototypes and products for our clients in Perth. Utilising a suite of advanced technology, equipment and techniques, we transform raw materials into innovative, functional and productive steel objects.

With conceptual minds and extensive experience turning ideas into reality, we help you develop your vision into a feasible product. From specialised and intricate drawings through to more basic mass produced designs, chat with our custom metal fabrication team to learn more about what we can do.

Contact us today on (08) 9248 8888 to chat with our steel fabrication professionals in Perth.