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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

The Future of Metal Fabrication

The Australian steel industry enjoys an annual turnover of $29 billion. It’s a healthy, indispensable sector made up of many small to very large enterprises of which metal fabricators proudly sit amongst.

This presents some weighty questions, for 2019 and to future-proof our sheet metal fabrication industry. 

  • How do we maintain a solid customer base?
  • Are there still better ways to satisfy a customer’s need?
  • How do we avoid complacency?

Having been a Western Australian front-runner in sheet metal fabrication for over 30 years, the collective thinking at Acorn Metal is our future is less about specific tasks and entirely about uncovering the better ways to satisfy customer demand and get the job done.

Research and development is key to unlocking potential for our customers’ needs. Keeping an ear to the ground, keenly listening out for new developments is one way. So is talking – to our suppliers, our competitors, innovators in the steel industry and with people outside of our sphere, like 3D modellers.

3D printing is off and running, it’s not just a plaything anymore. This means as its opportunities expand into real-world industry, it overlaps into sheet metal fabrication, opening up new ways to bring the two crafts together for a far superior, even more efficient customer experience.
Future-proofing steel fabrication is all about balancing customisation and personalisation with efficiency and waste management. We’re already achieving this. Going forward, it’s all about streamlining.

The Ever-decreasing Circle of Steel Recycling

In recycling terms, steel is the ideal material because as you reconstitute it over and over again, it loses none of its properties. Australian steel is made up of between 50-60% of recycled metal. It’s not 100% because the world’s demand is greater than available recycled resources. 

As steel is long lasting, manufactured goods can have a 20 – 30 year lifespan. Once they’re exhausted and start to break down, back they come as brand new sheet metal for our next client production.

Improvement for Greater Efficiency

We also see our own skilled employee base as a pivotal tool to exceeding customer demand. This is done in two ways.

First, we provide the constant education to keep everyone trained in changes and advances in sheet metal fabrication. Next, we hire employees who possess analytical thinking. Experience shows us that the more involved in planning and development our staff are, the better we understand a client’s needs and open doors for improvements. 

Our future success also relies heavily on the advent of better computer machinery and tooling. Any expense in purchasing the equipment is offset by cost cuts in lead times and better sales through the provision of more complex designs.

In summary, we don’t see the future as a challenge. We see it as an invitation – to greet new advances as we collaborate with our clients to craft the absolute best in precision sheet metal fabrication. If you’re seeking first-class, high quality metal fabrication, at outstanding value for money, we invite you to call us for some immediate action today.

Google Rating
Based on 17 reviews