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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

Navigate Metal Laser Cutting with Acorn’s Seamless Partnerships

Efficiency and precision sit at the heart of metal fabrication, and at Acorn Metal, while we might not house laser cutting machines directly, our dedication to facilitating top-tier laser cutting services through trusted third-party providers remains unmatched. 

Power and Precision Through Partnership

In the realm of laser metal cutting, two main categories of machines stand out: CO2 and fibre lasers.

CO2 lasers operate using a mix that predominantly includes carbon dioxide, which is electrically excited to produce a beam. These devices are known for superior quality, swift cutting capabilities, and dependable operation. They excel in cutting, etching, and forming of thicker metal materials.

On the other hand, fibre lasers make use of optical fibre embedded with rare-earth elements like ytterbium to generate their beam. These machines are notable for their energy efficiency, impressive speed, and lower maintenance needs compared to CO2 machines. Fibre lasers are particularly adept at quickly and effectively cutting thin metal materials.

Seamless Integration from Concept to Completion

While we don’t have our own specialised precision laser cutters we can still oversee your project’s needs by working closely with our specialised partners. This collaborative approach ensures that your designs, regardless of complexity, are completed with precision and efficiency. Advanced software aids in optimising material use, reducing waste, and delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

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Various Tolerance Capabilities

Precision isn’t just an aim; it’s a commitment. Through our partnerships, we ensure that the laser cutting process achieves tight tolerances of +/- 0.005 inches (0.13 mm) or better, depending on the material thickness. This meticulous attention to detail is crucial in metalwork, where every millimetre counts.

Laser Cutting for a Wide Range of Different Metals and Alloys

Metal Type

Laser Cut Description

Mild Steel
Affordable, weldable, and easily cut, but prone to rust – often the preferred option for metal cutting. Applications include construction, automotive parts, and brackets.
Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and fast to cut, but softer than other options. Applications include aerospace, electronics, and furniture.
Strong, lightweight, and resistant to high temperatures, however, requires specialised laser cutting and is expensive. Applications include aerospace, medical implants, and sporting goods.
Decorative and easily cut into intricate shapes, but not as strong as steel. Applications include musical instruments, hardware, and jewellery.
Stainless Steel
Durable, rust-resistant, and weldable, but more expensive than mild steel. Applications include appliances, medical equipment, and food processing.
Tool Steel
Has specialised properties like hardness and heat resistance, but complex compositions make cutting challenging. Applications include cutting tools, and moulds.
Good corrosion resistance and malleability, but requires careful laser cutting due to reflectivity. Applications include chemical processing, batteries, and electronics.
Excellent electrical conductivity and heat transfer, but needs high-powered lasers due to reflectivity and thermal conductivity. Typical applications: electronics, heat sinks, electrical wiring.

More Than Just Laser Cutting

Acorn’s repertoire includes bending, welding, and assembly services, suggesting a holistic approach to metalworking. This integration allows us to transform laser-cut parts into complete, functional projects, showcasing versatility and proficiency.

Contact Acorn Metal Products for Your Laser Cutting Needs

Our journey into directly offering laser cutting is on the horizon, but our commitment to serving your current needs remains steadfast. By liaising with our trusted partners, Acorn Metal Products ensures your laser cutting projects are in skilled hands. If your project involves laser cutting or any other metal fabrication needs, reach out to us. Providing detailed information about your requirements will enable us to tailor our services to match your project perfectly.

Google Rating
Based on 16 reviews