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Metal as Art

In our last blog we talked about all the different ways custom fabricated metal can liven up your home. Metal pieces are a functional and aesthetic addition to indoor and outdoor spaces alike, providing a durable solution that perfectly matches the rest of your house. In this blog we will delve a bit deeper in to creating art with fabricated metal to give you a little inspiration for your own home.


Fabricated metal sculptures are very common around Perth. If you have ever taken a drive to the South West you would have seen the conical installations on the side of the freeway, or if you go for a walk through Kings Park you will find a whole bunch of examples in all shapes and sizes.

The beauty of metal sculptures is they can blend in to vibrant gardens, or stand out as a centrepiece in their own right. The mix of materials and finishes means you aren’t restricted to the classic oxidised look, although the earthy tones taken on by the metal do work very well with Australia’s native plants and other greenery.

There is also the option to use stainless, polished, or powder coated finishes for a sleeker modern look. This style is becoming very popular in office and retail spaces due to its weather resistant characteristics and the endless range of functional artistic designs.

Hanging art

Bring a bare wall back to life by mounting a piece of metal art. With Acorn Metal’s precision techniques and an eye for quality you can achieve almost any look to tie a room together. Whether you are looking for an industrial style with mixed metals, or a delicate design in any size, we can make it happen.

Modern trends in metal wall art use coloured coatings and gold leaf as accents to bring out different elements in an image. Trees, feathers, and silhouette scenes are popular favourites with our customers because metal CNC cutting allows for surprisingly intricate design possibilities. Unlike wood or canvas which are generally rectangular with painted designs, metal can be manipulated and made very thin to make your design a reality.

Perforated sheet metal (Image2Punch)

One of the most exciting recent developments in metal wall art is Image2Punch technology. Using precise perforating machines, Acorn Metal can turn your favourite image in to a piece of metal art. The finished product is understated and incredibly impactful, so it has a huge range of applications such as:

·        Decorative pieces on walls, screens, and partitions

·        Metal cladding imagery on the outside of a building

·        Descriptive imagery on the walls of offices and businesses

·        Signage and advertising

A technique we love is using different sized perforations to create the effect of shading on detailed images. Acorn Metal are excited to share Image2Punch technology with our Perth customers so don’t hesitate to contact us with your idea. Or if you are looking for any other type of decorative metal addition to your home, we encourage you to get in touch with any questions. Acorn Metal are Perth’s leaders in perforated metal in all styles, sizes, and designs – the only limit is your creativity.