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Applications that Require Metal Sheet Perforation

So what is a perforated metal sheet?

Perforated metal is where a sheet of metal is punched with a repeated pattern of holes. Staggered or in straight rows, holes sizes can vary from round to square, slotted, hexagonal and more. At Acorn metals we can work on Aluminium up to 6mm and mild and stainless steels up to 3mm. We have a huge variety of patterns to choose from so please ask! 

We can use stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, galvanised and carbon steel, depending on the performance required of the perforated metals. To maintain the metal sheet’s stability, the surrounding border is not perforated.

Applications that require metal sheet perforation

It’s used in industry and manufacturing to allow filtration, separation or ventilation of fluid or air. Practical application can also give way to aesthetic design when architects call upon perforated metal to achieve striking architectural features.

Some uses for metal sheet perforation include:

  • Flour milling screens
  • Filtering and separation in beer and wine production plants
  • Filtering and separation in presses for juice, edible oil and food processes
  • Separation of solid materials in linear and vibrating screens for mining
  • Filter screens in paper and pulp milling and sludge treatment facilities
  • Visual displays

Sound Proofing

Amazing as it sounds, it is possible to use a sheet of metal with equal hole sizes to absorb ambient sounds. Architects and designers rely on this method constantly when designing stadiums, residential blocks and commercial buildings. The success lies in the pattern of the perforations and the material used. When designed correctly, the material acts like it’s ‘transparent’, allowing the sound waves to pass through it so the sound doesn’t bounce but is absorbed.

Perforation pattern, pitch and thickness of the metal all play their vital roles in absorbing low frequency sounds too. Aluminium and stainless steel are the optimum metal choices here because they retain their strength the best when perforated.


Precision during filtering means perfection in a company’s final product. High class filter screens and filter tubes make sure that impurities are stopped in their tracks. 

Perforated strainers when created by an expert draw smoke, gas and air contaminants out of exhaust systems. 

Our de-watering or dredging filters are designed to withstand high pressure as undissolved matter is captured during pulp and paper milling processes, in laundry facilities, textile industries and more. 

It’s not always about keeping something out. We’ve built screens that have been designed to let the right items in!

Lighting Fixtures

By using perforated metals, we have been able to achieve a wide range of effects that make the area far more inviting. Sheet metal perforation allows the light to be sent in many directions at once. It allows for ventilation of the unit. Hole sizes, the pattern and positioning are all customised and the finishes can be as unique as your imagination will allow.

Decorative uses in Homes like Yours

Adding some real originality with added practical benefits is easy with our endless ideas of metal sheet perforation around the home. A privacy screen for the garden and patio. Custom gates and fence panels with a truly modern look. Swimming pool covers, signature art pieces and room dividers – anything goes and we make everything.


Perforated metals are the perfect answer to security because remaining super strong, it still allows you to see through it. An Acorn Metal screen, wall or door is like having a metal-plated sentry protecting you 24 hours a day. We also create metal perforated guards and ceilings.


Instrument trays, wire medical baskets, racks and cabinetry – we know that sterilisation is of the utmost importance, and therefore design our medical and pharmaceutical supplies with metal sheet perforation precision to allow for easy use and sanitation.

Pride in all of our products is why Acorn Metal Products is still in business 25 years since we began. We are the West Coast’s experts in metal fabricated products. Our machines in our Perth facility have the versatility that many others lack, with equipment big enough to manage long length steel jobs and pieces up to 1500mm wide.

All that’s missing is you and your next metal sheet perforation need. Bet you we can help you out. Give us a call today and let’s get your project rolling.

Google Rating
Based on 17 reviews