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Expert Metal Fabrication and Metalwork

Aluminium Bending Process

A perfectly curved piece of metal is a beautiful sight to behold. Sometimes, like balustrading, it’s for show and safety while other examples of aluminium bending serve structural and/or artistic purposes.

Having met and surpassed our customers’ expectations for years, we’d now like to share with you the types of aluminium bending processes we use and the amazing outcomes that can be achieved.

It all begins with our precision machines and tooling to shape the aluminium, starting with our CNC press brakes. Controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system, and able to meet extremely fine tolerances, CNC allows us to bend intricate parts with great consistency – from just a few millimetres across to many metres long. 

In terms of the aluminium’s thickness, we’ve been asked to bend as little as 0.4mm. Our precision tools and machinery, coupled with our skilled operators, allow us to accurately bend sheets up to 6mm thick. For improved finish quality, we have added radius bars and polyurethane bending blocks to the factory process.

Stretch Forming

Stretch Forming is the most accurate, repeatable and fastest of the forming processes. It’s where a sheet of metal is simultaneously stretched and bent over a die to form a large contoured part. We find it a very flexible application because it can be applied to a wide range of cross sections.

Typical Applications for Aluminium Bending

You simply couldn’t get through a day without utilising something made from the aluminium bending process. It’s everywhere – forming our daily lives and making life simpler, safer, more convenient and habitable.

Examples where aluminium bending is employed throughout our lives include: automotive parts; office interior fit-outs; railways; construction and architecture; boat and marine building; and, shopping centres.

Modern society cannot exist without metal experts like Acorn Metal Products who understand the manufacturing principles of high quality aluminium bending. That’s why we shine as Australia’s West Coast leader. We bend and fabricate both one-off prototypes or carry out full production runs for a diverse range of items. Our machines have the versatility that many others lack, enabling us to provide our clients with the results that they need, both quickly and efficiently. 

Call us today. We’d love to get your aluminium bending prototype or production off and running.