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All About CNC Machining with Acorn Metal

CNC machining is an innovative process that has revolutionised modern manufacturing and productivity. Referring to computer numerical control machining, the process utilises pre-programmed computer software that controls the precise and deliberate movement of different tools, equipment and machinery. CNC machining is able to be used to control a wide range of complex equipment, making high volume manufacturing safer and more consistent.

CNC machining and the results of CNC processes are evident across virtually all industries. Transforming the way we build, produce and distribute, CNC machining allows us to operate with greater efficiency and predictability. Learn more about the CNC machining with Acorn Metal and how we utilise CNC processes.

CNC Turret Punching

CNC turret punching involves a type of punch press used for forming metal. Ideal for high volume production, this process utilises specialised machinery and software for precise results.

At Acorn Metal, we utilise CNC turret punching for a variety of manufactured products. Producing precise and high quality pieces, our CNC turret punching software punches and forms to your specific requirements. Chat with our steel fabricators to find out more about how CNC turret punching could work for your next project.

CNC Bending

Used to manufacture a variety of items, from large parts and pieces through to intricate components, CNC bending allows you to achieve precise and quality results. Working with sheet metal and raw materials, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality pieces that match specifications down to every detail.

We’ve invested in high quality equipment, including segmented tooling and gooseneck tooling, to allow us to complete deep, narrow and more complex bends, With exacting standards and highly trained CNC bending operators, we’re able to operate with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

CNC Controlled De-Coiler

At Acorn Metal, we utilise a CNC controlled de-coiler to maximise both in-house and further down the line. We produce many pieces as flat sheets or wound rolls to allow for easy and economical transport and storage. Minimising trip frequency and allowing you to move more product with minimal hassle, we help you reduce your bottom line and streamline productivity.

Continuing our commitment to state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, our CNC de-coiler can accommodate materials up to 1220mm in width and 1.2mm in thickness.

Perth’s CNC Machining Professionals

At Acorn Metal, our Perth professionals specialise in sheet metal bending and fabrication. Using CNC machining and technology, we transform raw materials into functional, precise and sturdy pieces ready for utilisation. Working with clients from across industries, our steel fabricators produce quality results in line with designs, drawings and specifications.

From one-off prototypes to high volume production, we can make it happen. Find out more about complex sheet metal bending by an experienced team. Get in touch with the CNC machining professionals at Acorn Metal in Perth for specialised fabrication services. Contact us today on (08) 9248 8888 or via email at