Turning Drawings and Designs into Reality

All good products, inventions and machinery begin with dreams, visions and drawings. From the latest innovative tech through to big infrastructure developments, it all begins with a concept. When it comes time to start work on bringing your drawings and designs to reality, you need professionals with the means, know-how and experience to make it happen.

That’s where custom metal fabrication comes in. Specialising in transforming designs and concepts into components, parts and objects, steel fabricators create custom pieces to suit a wide range of applications. From testing prototypes through to mass production for manufacturing, learn more about how drawings and designs become metal components ingrained in our everyday lives.

Creating a Prototype

Once you’ve come up with a concept, drawing or design, bring your content to an experienced metal fabricator to start brainstorming, workshopping and creating. Bringing technical knowledge and expertise, a good metal fabricator will be able to help you refine your drawings to create a design feasible and ready for production.

Using exact specifications and techniques that stay true to your concept, a custom metal fabrication team will help you bring your vision to life in a preliminary prototype. From there, you can assess, test and evaluate your prototype and see if it fits your vision and requirements.

One-Off Metal Works

In need of a one-off metal piece for presentation, testing or application? Work with an experienced metal fabricator to craft your custom piece. Using specialised equipment, techniques and tools, custom metal fabricators craft bespoke pieces of metal for clients across industries. Whatever the application, bring your drawings and designs to a metal fabricator and see your vision brought to life.

Moving into Mass Production

Has your one-off custom piece or prototype taken off? If you’re ready to get started on mass production or more fabrication for further testing, it’s time negotiate a contract with a metal fabrication company. Research teams in your area to gain a deeper understanding of their service offerings, then decide on the most suited based on skill and experience.

A metal fabrication team with high quality equipment and skilled personnel will allow you to achieve high quality and consistent pieces in line with your prototype. By choosing the team that created your initial piece, you can be confident that they’ll be able to produce results up to the standard you require.

Work with Perth’s Specialised Steel Fabricators

At Acorn Metal, we pride ourselves on creating high quality components, prototypes and products for our clients in Perth. Utilising a suite of advanced technology, equipment and techniques, we transform raw materials into innovative, functional and productive steel objects.

With conceptual minds and extensive experience turning ideas into reality, we help you develop your vision into a feasible product. From specialised and intricate drawings through to more basic mass produced designs, chat with our custom metal fabrication team to learn more about what we can do.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Steel Fabrication Company

Steel is one of the most heavily used materials in industries across the world. From creating components for transport and infrastructure to developing the building blocks for innovative new tech, steel powers business growth and economic health.

As such a critical part of business, you need a team who can deliver what you require when it comes to steel fabrication. From one-off prototypes to regular mass production, finding a quality custom steel fabricator makes all the difference to your bottom line.

Before you decide on a steel fabricator, make sure you complete thorough research. By understanding the ins and outs of different sheet metal fabricators and custom metal fabrication professionals, you’ll be able to make a more informed and rewarding choice that works best for your business.

Learn more about what to look out for when it comes to choosing the ideal steel fabrication team.


A steel fabricator’s past experience producing different types of results is a great indicator of what to expect for your project. Ask the steel fabricator for examples of past work and review references and testimonials from past clients. Have they produced a standard of work that you would be happy with?

Choosing a steel fabricator with sound industry knowledge, well-developed expertise and a solid reputation minimises your chance of receiving a low quality product. Take your time to look at how long they’ve been in business, what they’ve worked on, who their team are and how they operate.


Aside from a steel fabricator’s experience, they need to be able to effectively deliver what you require. If you need high volumes of metal on a regular basis, finding a fabricator with the equipment, resources and personnel necessary should be your best bet. If you’re looking for a specialised metal fabricator to create a unique and one-off piece, they need to understand your vision and be able to work in a more conceptual way.

Get familiar with their past work, their chosen equipment and tools, the style of fabrication they offer and their flexibility. If they have the capabilities to meet the demands of your project – and projects into the future – they could be the right team for you.  


When it comes to metal fabrication, results speak for themselves. Look at the projects the team has worked on in the past. Examine the quality of work and determine whether they’re able to deliver a product that meets your standards. Set aside time to look at each fabricator’s portfolio – these should be easily accessible as a prime example and advertisement of work. Judge positive attributes and trust your gut to go with a metal fabricator who seems right for you.

Chat with Perth’s Professional Sheet Metal Fabricators

At Acorn Metal, we provide high quality sheet metal and aluminium fabrication in Perth. From prototype through to production, our professionals specialise in providing custom solutions with an adaptable and responsive approach.

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Metal Fabrication in Everyday Life

Metal Fabrication in Everyday Life

Next time you wander through a city, take a good look around. From skyscrapers and trains through to cars and even mobile phones, metal is all around us. Often taken for granted, steel is one of the most heavily used materials in virtually all aspects of construction, infrastructure and manufacturing. 

Essential to the development, construction and growth of societies, steel is delivered in parts and components through a process known as metal fabrication. Responsible for creating custom steel elements with consistency and precision, industries across the world rely on steel fabricators to craft quality materials ready for application. 

Find out more about how steel is used in everyday life. 


Mass manufacturing would be impossible without advanced, efficient and high quality machinery. From basic household items through to parts and equipment for businesses, the majority of what we use has been created on equipment crafted with parts from metal fabricators. 

Metal fabricators respond to the needs of manufacturers, creating high quality and completely custom pieces to build manufacturing equipment and systems out of. What results is a streamlined production process that allows consumers to receive products that are consistent and in line with expectations. 


It’s no secret that the advancement of technology has led to a boom in virtually all aspects of society. From education and employment through to commerce and retail, our access to technology has drastically changed the world.

Behind the development of technology is the steel that makes it possible. Acting as the durable and reliable shell of laptops, computers, phones, tablets and much more, metal makes it possible for developers to create increasingly innovative and powerful devices. 


Transport is one of the most important aspects of a functioning and healthy society. From daily commutes to work and school through to exciting trips overseas, vehicles are embedded in our lives. 

Essential to the manufacturing of transportation and vehicles is steel. Metal fabricators create high quality pieces for manufacturers to craft vehicles, planes, boats, ships, trucks and more. Without the expertise and productivity of metal fabricators, the transportation industry would struggle to keep up with the demands of the modern world. 


Good infrastructure is seamless and often goes unnoticed. Facilitating easy commutes, accessible resources and abundant facilities, infrastructure is heavily utilised on a daily basis. 

From roads and bridges through to utilities and networks, steel fabricators are in high demand when it comes to designing and creating new infrastructure. Often beginning decades in advance, governments and private clients draw upon the expertise of metal fabricators to design and craft components used to aid in the development and service of a growing society. 

Experienced Stainless Steel Fabricators in Perth

Steel fabricators and their services are essential for clients across industries. From major infrastructure projects through to brand new developments and creations, steel makes development possible. 

At Acorn Metal, we specialise in providing high quality metal fabrication services in Perth. Working on everything from repetitive productions through to one-off prototypes, our professionals offer precision, quality and consistency in every product. 

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Applications that Require Metal Sheet Perforation

So what is a perforated metal sheet?

Perforated metal is where a sheet of metal is punched with a repeated pattern of holes. Staggered or in straight rows, holes sizes can vary from round to square, slotted, hexagonal and more. At Acorn metals we can work on Aluminium up to 6mm and mild and stainless steels up to 3mm. We have a huge variety of patterns to choose from so please ask! 

We can use stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, galvanised and carbon steel, depending on the performance required of the perforated metals. To maintain the metal sheet’s stability, the surrounding border is not perforated.

Applications that require metal sheet perforation

It’s used in industry and manufacturing to allow filtration, separation or ventilation of fluid or air. Practical application can also give way to aesthetic design when architects call upon perforated metal to achieve striking architectural features.

Some uses for metal sheet perforation include:

  • Flour milling screens
  • Filtering and separation in beer and wine production plants
  • Filtering and separation in presses for juice, edible oil and food processes
  • Separation of solid materials in linear and vibrating screens for mining
  • Filter screens in paper and pulp milling and sludge treatment facilities
  • Visual displays

Sound Proofing

Amazing as it sounds, it is possible to use a sheet of metal with equal hole sizes to absorb ambient sounds. Architects and designers rely on this method constantly when designing stadiums, residential blocks and commercial buildings. The success lies in the pattern of the perforations and the material used. When designed correctly, the material acts like it’s ‘transparent’, allowing the sound waves to pass through it so the sound doesn’t bounce but is absorbed.

Perforation pattern, pitch and thickness of the metal all play their vital roles in absorbing low frequency sounds too. Aluminium and stainless steel are the optimum metal choices here because they retain their strength the best when perforated.


Precision during filtering means perfection in a company’s final product. High class filter screens and filter tubes make sure that impurities are stopped in their tracks. 

Perforated strainers when created by an expert draw smoke, gas and air contaminants out of exhaust systems. 

Our de-watering or dredging filters are designed to withstand high pressure as undissolved matter is captured during pulp and paper milling processes, in laundry facilities, textile industries and more. 

It’s not always about keeping something out. We’ve built screens that have been designed to let the right items in!

Lighting Fixtures

By using perforated metals, we have been able to achieve a wide range of effects that make the area far more inviting. Sheet metal perforation allows the light to be sent in many directions at once. It allows for ventilation of the unit. Hole sizes, the pattern and positioning are all customised and the finishes can be as unique as your imagination will allow.

Decorative uses in Homes like Yours

Adding some real originality with added practical benefits is easy with our endless ideas of metal sheet perforation around the home. A privacy screen for the garden and patio. Custom gates and fence panels with a truly modern look. Swimming pool covers, signature art pieces and room dividers – anything goes and we make everything.


Perforated metals are the perfect answer to security because remaining super strong, it still allows you to see through it. An Acorn Metal screen, wall or door is like having a metal-plated sentry protecting you 24 hours a day. We also create metal perforated guards and ceilings.


Instrument trays, wire medical baskets, racks and cabinetry – we know that sterilisation is of the utmost importance, and therefore design our medical and pharmaceutical supplies with metal sheet perforation precision to allow for easy use and sanitation.

Pride in all of our products is why Acorn Metal Products is still in business 25 years since we began. We are the West Coast’s experts in metal fabricated products. Our machines in our Perth facility have the versatility that many others lack, with equipment big enough to manage long length steel jobs and pieces up to 1500mm wide.

All that’s missing is you and your next metal sheet perforation need. Bet you we can help you out. Give us a call today and let’s get your project rolling.

Aluminium Bending Process

A perfectly curved piece of metal is a beautiful sight to behold. Sometimes, like balustrading, it’s for show and safety while other examples of aluminium bending serve structural and/or artistic purposes.

Having met and surpassed our customers’ expectations for years, we’d now like to share with you the types of aluminium bending processes we use and the amazing outcomes that can be achieved.

It all begins with our precision machines and tooling to shape the aluminium, starting with our CNC press brakes. Controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system, and able to meet extremely fine tolerances, CNC allows us to bend intricate parts with great consistency – from just a few millimetres across to many metres long. 

In terms of the aluminium’s thickness, we’ve been asked to bend as little as 0.4mm. Our precision tools and machinery, coupled with our skilled operators, allow us to accurately bend sheets up to 6mm thick. For improved finish quality, we have added radius bars and polyurethane bending blocks to the factory process.

Stretch Forming

Stretch Forming is the most accurate, repeatable and fastest of the forming processes. It’s where a sheet of metal is simultaneously stretched and bent over a die to form a large contoured part. We find it a very flexible application because it can be applied to a wide range of cross sections.

Typical Applications for Aluminium Bending

You simply couldn’t get through a day without utilising something made from the aluminium bending process. It’s everywhere – forming our daily lives and making life simpler, safer, more convenient and habitable.

Examples where aluminium bending is employed throughout our lives include: automotive parts; office interior fit-outs; railways; construction and architecture; boat and marine building; and, shopping centres.

Modern society cannot exist without metal experts like Acorn Metal Products who understand the manufacturing principles of high quality aluminium bending. That’s why we shine as Australia’s West Coast leader. We bend and fabricate both one-off prototypes or carry out full production runs for a diverse range of items. Our machines have the versatility that many others lack, enabling us to provide our clients with the results that they need, both quickly and efficiently. 

Call us today. We’d love to get your aluminium bending prototype or production off and running.

What we need to Know about Perforated Aluminium

Found in the clay mineral bauxite, aluminium is a relatively new discovery in human history. It was produced for the first time in 1824 thanks to the invention of electricity which allowed scientists to break down bauxite’s chemical compounds.

Today, aluminium is so commonly used that if it suddenly disappeared, planes, trains, cars, mobile phones, computers and architecture would be greatly diminished or vanish altogether.

Perforated aluminium – sheeting punched with a repeated pattern of holes – also plays many pivotal roles in making our lives safer, more functional and quieter. Its wide variety of applications spans audio and agricultural equipment, interior and exterior design, fencing, filtration and noise control. 

If you’ve seen perforated cladding on walls in your local club, chances are it’s not just there as a decoration but to soften the sound of the room by absorbing the noise. Just as sound can be ‘sucked in’ to a perforated aluminium panel, light can be diffused out of it, in all directions and intensities. It’s also a clever way to create instant privacy to an area.

Perforated Aluminium in Comparison with Other Metals

We believe if there was a ‘poster-boy’ of the perforated non-ferrous metals family, aluminium would be it. 

Lightweight yet very strong, easily machined and non-sparking, perforated aluminium is perfect for both functional and aesthetic applications. Add to this the cost savings on shipping and handling thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio and it’s no wonder it’s so commonly used.

In terms of longevity, aluminium perforated sheet metal is among the most durable and longest lasting of metals. It will stand the test of time, for both indoor and outdoor uses thanks to its high resistance to corrosion. 

Shapes of Perforations

Staggered or in straight rows, hole sizes can vary from round to square, slotted, hexagonal and more. We have a huge variety of patterns to choose from, so please ask!

The effect of perforation shapes for privacy/visibility

The reasons for erecting a perforated aluminium screen can vary from masking an unsightly area, creating a more seamless transition between non-matching buildings to the need for privacy without losing visibility. 

The larger the holes and the more perforations per square foot, the airier and more open it will be with increased visibility.

When privacy is the main consideration, we provide patterns with very small perforations. An example of one privacy design is thousands of tiny downward facing holes punched into a fine flat sheet of aluminium. The result is you can see out without being seen.

The effect of perforation shapes on sounds/acoustics

Manufacturers solve the problem of noisy appliances with perforated aluminium. The super strong aluminium acts like it is ‘transparent’, allowing sound waves to pass through so the sound doesn’t bounce but is absorbed.

With thanks to the scientists of yesteryear, Acorn Metal Solutions are proud to have taken up the baton in the 21st Century, engineering and manufacturing premium perforated aluminium. We understand the need for precision, strength and high quality finishing. That’s where our state-of-the-art machinery comes into its own, delivering cost-effective aluminium perforation quickly and efficiently.

Need friendly, expert advice? Look no further than Acorn Metal Solutions and call us today.

The Future of Metal Fabrication

The Australian steel industry enjoys an annual turnover of $29 billion. It’s a healthy, indispensable sector made up of many small to very large enterprises of which metal fabricators proudly sit amongst.

This presents some weighty questions, for 2019 and to future-proof our sheet metal fabrication industry. 

  • How do we maintain a solid customer base?
  • Are there still better ways to satisfy a customer’s need?
  • How do we avoid complacency?

Having been a Western Australian front-runner in sheet metal fabrication for over 30 years, the collective thinking at Acorn Metal is our future is less about specific tasks and entirely about uncovering the better ways to satisfy customer demand and get the job done.

Research and development is key to unlocking potential for our customers’ needs. Keeping an ear to the ground, keenly listening out for new developments is one way. So is talking – to our suppliers, our competitors, innovators in the steel industry and with people outside of our sphere, like 3D modellers.

3D printing is off and running, it’s not just a plaything anymore. This means as its opportunities expand into real-world industry, it overlaps into sheet metal fabrication, opening up new ways to bring the two crafts together for a far superior, even more efficient customer experience.
Future-proofing steel fabrication is all about balancing customisation and personalisation with efficiency and waste management. We’re already achieving this. Going forward, it’s all about streamlining.

The Ever-decreasing Circle of Steel Recycling

In recycling terms, steel is the ideal material because as you reconstitute it over and over again, it loses none of its properties. Australian steel is made up of between 50-60% of recycled metal. It’s not 100% because the world’s demand is greater than available recycled resources. 

As steel is long lasting, manufactured goods can have a 20 – 30 year lifespan. Once they’re exhausted and start to break down, back they come as brand new sheet metal for our next client production.

Improvement for Greater Efficiency

We also see our own skilled employee base as a pivotal tool to exceeding customer demand. This is done in two ways.

First, we provide the constant education to keep everyone trained in changes and advances in sheet metal fabrication. Next, we hire employees who possess analytical thinking. Experience shows us that the more involved in planning and development our staff are, the better we understand a client’s needs and open doors for improvements. 

Our future success also relies heavily on the advent of better computer machinery and tooling. Any expense in purchasing the equipment is offset by cost cuts in lead times and better sales through the provision of more complex designs.

In summary, we don’t see the future as a challenge. We see it as an invitation – to greet new advances as we collaborate with our clients to craft the absolute best in precision sheet metal fabrication. If you’re seeking first-class, high quality metal fabrication, at outstanding value for money, we invite you to call us for some immediate action today.

Maximising Your Space With Metal Fabrication

The industrial design interior trend is alive and well in Perth and abroad. Room dividers are just one example of the ways fabricated metal is being used in modern homes for fantastic effect. The great thing about using fabricated metal in home design is that it works well indoors and outdoors, so if you want to move away from the industrial style you can shift pieces outside for the same impact. Not only that, the range of styles, designs, and finishes available means you are guaranteed to find something that suits your existing decor.

What room dividers do

As the name might suggest, room dividers break up large open plan rooms to create smaller spaces without the need for a full wall. Often they are used to section offices, break up living rooms, and create a permeable wall in homes where space is at a premium. Screens are an easy, creative way to create distinguished spaces without blocking them off completely so the home still feels open and airy while being more functional.

Custom metal perforation in screens

Custom perforated metal is used around the world in room dividers, whether as smaller elements of a screen or for whole screens made to match an existing space. There is an almost endless amount of ways to finish and prepare metal, from rugged styles to polished stainless steel and powder coated colourful finishes. Metal in screens has a few advantages over other materials like wood and fabric:


Metal is incredibly resilient so it can be used as a screen in the living room or garden. Custom perforated metal can withstand Perth’s harsh climate in a way wood and fabric just can’t, which is why so many people are designing creative outdoor spaces using metal screens

Custom design

Make your custom perforated metal screen a focal point of your home’s interior design with elements that stand out. Outdoor metal screens tend to look industrial and compliment the natural elements of the garden by oxidising over time, or by incorporating creeping vines to look natural. Indoor screens have a lot of flexibility; they can be sleek and modern with bright colours, industrial and heavy gauge, or somewhere in between incorporating industrial elements to a modern design. Your imagination is the limit because at the Acorn metal workshop we have the design and fabrication skills to bring almost any creation to life.


We can customise your new room divider to fit the dimensions you want. Open plan living means something different in every home so there is no one size fits all for metal screens. Acorn Metal create screens from almost any material, in a huge range of finishes, designed alongside the client. The finished product is a unique, affordable way to achieve privacy in open plan living spaces without compromising on lifestyle.

Creating a custom metal screen for your home or outdoor area is easy thanks to Acorn Metal’s on-site design and fabrication team. Trust Perth’s best custom metal perforation team to bring your vision to life with an affordable bespoke screen.